Canadian Super Visa For Parents And Grand Parents

Canada Super Visa is a tailor-made visa document for elders (parents or grandparents) to visit their child who is working or studying in Canada. Using Canada super visa, one can stay with their children in Canada for up to two years without renewing the visa status.

The Canadian government introduced its Super Visa scheme in 2012 for facilitating its immigrants to invite their families to live and stay in Canada together. Since the day this visa scheme got launched, more than 89000 parents and grandparents of immigrants who have permanent residency or citizenship status from different nations have visited Canada.

Super Visa vs Visitor Visa – Which One is Right for You?

The eligibility criteria for acquiring a Canada super visa primarily depend on the applicants’ relationship with the permanent resident or citizens in Canada. It also determines the validity of the visa type. If you fulfill all the super visa Canada requirements, you can stay in the country for up to two years.


In contrast, a visitor visa is only valid for six months, and you can only prolong your stay by applying for an extension. Hence, the super visa is a stellar choice if you fulfill all the requirements. If not, then go with a visitor visa. In addition, multiple other types of visas exist for applicants for visiting Canada. You can get in touch with Silver Oaks Immigration the top Canada visa consultant, and our consultants will guide you to pick the right pathway.

Eligibility – Getting Canadian Super Visa

Here are the eligibility criteria for Canada super visa:

Canada Super Visa Extension

Canada super visa for parents and grandparents is valid for up to two years. If you plan to extend your stay in the country, you will have to apply for a visa extension. It is recommended to apply for an extension before 30 days of the expiration date. But, this should not alarm you. You can remain in the country while your request for an extension is processed.


Since the approval rate for a Canada super visa for parents is nearly 83%, the chances of applicants getting an extension are high. But, many factors influence the request, including the country you are from, health conditions, fund requirements, among others.

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