Spousal Sponsorship Canada | Spouse Visa To Canada

What is Spouse visa Canada?

Canada proffers an opportunity to every Canadian citizen or permanent resident to settle along with their family in Canada. One way for it is a spouse visa to Canada. A spousal sponsorship Canada falls under the family sponsorship class. The Canadian spousal sponsorship helps the Canadian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor their spouse, common-law partner, or dependent children to stay with them in Canada, through permanent residence.

Spouse Visa Canada Requirements

Below listed are the few eligibility criteria that should be for spousal sponsorship Canada:

Submission of the application

Dependent Children

Through spousal sponsorship, the immigrant also can bring their dependent child who is below 22. The child can enhance all the benefits given by the government of Canada.

IELTS Requirements

It’s one of the most critical aspects of the immigration process. IELTS is mandatory for all immigration processes. But for Canadian spousal sponsors, IELTS is not mandatory. No qualification or points system:

Required Documents for a spouse visa to Canada

  1. Relationship information and sponsorship evaluation
  2. Marriage Certificate
  3. Wedding invitations and photos
  4. Birth certificate or adoption records of children
  5. Proof of registration of a marriage with a government authority.

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